Faster Speed

How often do you give up waiting for a web page to open? The heavy use of images can be part of the problem.Visitors to your website don’t care what format your images are in, they only care that they are viewable and downloaded in a timely fashion (even on slower connections). To accomplish this,

SQL data? What’s that all about?

Databases and SQL Servers are terms that are very technical, yet most major business software systems rely upon professional data storage. This means that when things go slow or simply do not work, technical people can seem to pass responsibility between different technical areas – often between different technical teams. This article tries to bring

Stay safe – counter the internet threat

Computer and information security is critical in the modern world. Cyber Crime is now a multi-billion pound “industry” and is something that everyone that uses IT should be aware of. The problem is that companies try and make computers and related hardware simple to use. This is excellent for those that have (or desire) little

Helpfully unhelpful help from the internet…

Occasionally, there are times when we don’t know the answer to something straightaway, and that is when the internet can be a potentially useful tool to search for information. Sometime those answers are not helpful but paradoxical: Trying to help a customer get the on-screen keyboard (OSK) to appear on their generic Windows 8.1  tablet

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