Oi! What are you looking at? … or how to find out who is looking at your web page

Tracking your internet presence is one of the most important jobs to do in a business. Without online tracking of all your social media and websites you may not be able to fully understand your target market. With Google Analytics and Social Media tracking it can never be simpler to see what is happening with your social media technology.

Here are the main features of Google Analytics which tracks your website and Facebook Insights along with Twitter Analytics:

Google logo_lockup_analytics_icon_vertical_black_2xGoogle Analytics

Google Analytics tracks everything to do with the website. This includes location of the viewer, what web browser they are using and what operating system. This is a very powerful tool and tells you basically everything about who is viewing your site and how they got there. There is also a section which lets you create custom reports of all your tracking statistics. This is very good for telling you where people are spending most of their time on your site.

You can see more advanced statistics such as their IP address, which internet provider they are using and what type of connection is being used to get onto the internet. You can see which organisation is viewing the website and how they got there; for example, was it a direct URL entry or did they search through Google?

FB-fLogo-Blue-broadcast-2Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights tracks your Facebook Business page. It is not so in-depth; it shows the page views, page likes and post engagements in that week. You can see where the people are in the world who liked your page and posts. You can also see which city they are from. It has individual data for each post you make public. It tells you who you shared it with, how much organic and paid views received and how many post clicks. And that is practically it!

Twitter_Logo_BlueTwitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tracks the activity on your Twitter page and is basically the same as Facebook Insights – just for Twitter. It tells you about how many tweets you have tweeted, how many visits your profile has, how many mentions you have and the number of followers. It also tells you what your top tweet is and your top mention. It gives you month by month summaries about how good or bad your month was regarding followers, tweets etc.


As you can see, using these tools with your company website you can track and analyse your audience; Useful information for  your marketing and guiding your marketing strategy to generate more business.

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