How it Works

Web presence

This service provides you with a web presence on the internet; your own website! You will have full control over the design and content. WMS will provide you with a domain name of your choosing (subject to availability) e.g. and enough disk space to hold your website.
In addition you will have secure access to allow you to make changes to your web site’s design when you need to.
Advertises your presence to the world
Gives your business a broader reach for potential customers
Single place to access your content/services
24/7 access and advertising
Extra disc space can be purchased if required

Domain based email

A Domain is an address on the internet that you control. For example in an email address the domain name is the portion after the @ symbol; so with the email address is the name of the Domain.
You control the email addresses to use within your domain name e.g.,, etc.
You can access your email from PC or most devices that have a browser e.g. tablets (PC and Mac), smartphones etc.
Easy for customers to associate email addresses with a web presence
Create email addresses associated with a project
Doesn’t require web presence
Tailor the number of email accounts to suit

Web storage

Our online web storage gives you a secure central location to store files for business use; your web site or even email attachments. As well as being secure it is accessible wherever you are via the internet
Access your files from wherever you are
Share common files throughout your business
Have a central store for policy and procedural documents
Maintain minutes and task notes for all employees
Keep current and historical technical and project files in one location
Archive accounts and document scans for audit
Keep a private area for staff records
Built-in off-site storage for backups
Additional storage space can be added as required

Web presence with content management

Content Management, in this context, is an application that allows you to design and deploy webpages to your website. It does this without you needing to know any of the technical details of how a website actually works and gives you full control of the content and layout.
This frees you or your website administrator to concentrate on the most important parts of your website, content, design, and layout, without requiring an in-depth technical knowledge of how websites work or being reliant on the expense of a third party to do the work for you.
Easier way to keep your web site and its content up-to-date
Change content without worrying about affecting the look and feel
Easy to add new pages and content
No knowledge of how websites work required

Other web applications

You can also run other applications on your website such as Forums (allow your users to create a community) or Wiki’s (a knowledge base or reference pages).
Forums are places where your customers can create a community for interactive discussions about your products or for suggesting idea’s about new products.
They are also useful for passing information out rapidly to your customer base without the need for direct mailing.
This requires a Web Presence with or without Content Management.
Allows your customers to talk to each other and exchange files
Generates website content and search engines love fresh content
Know your customer’s feelings about particular topics, features, or products.
Builds a sense of community among your users