Data Analysis

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Often businesses use either specialised software that does not give them the reporting and analysis details that is needed or several different applications are used which means the data is stored in unrelated areas.
West March System specialises in data analysis and can draw your data together to give you quick and easy to access reports and exports. It is not always necessary to replace software that is failing in its reporting when simple low cost solutions are freely available.
In addition to solving the technical issues around data analysis we can provide training and support on drilling into data and manipulating it to your own requirements. This may be simple use of data, where we can help you with the terminology and how data works, through to complex SQL server databases and the best way to optimise your data storage and analysis.

● Microsoft Data
● Open Office Data
● ISAM Databases
● SQL Databases
● Using Excel and Access
● Crystal Reporting
● ODBC and direct query