Application Hosting

West March Systems

Hosting – Your Online Office

Are you able to access your documents, files, and programs from wherever you have an internet connection; from home, one of your offices, or from a customer’s site, etc, while not having to carry your vulnerable information on a laptop or leave it in the office overnight.
Application Hosting will help in keeping your IT overheads low, particularly when your company expands, as you do not need to purchase expensive equipment for staff. Effectively, any machine with a keyboard and screen can be used.
As part of our Hosting package, West March Systems will provide you with: Email Services, a Domain Name and a Web Presence.

You are in control

You are in complete control of your applications, programs and data. It is your decision on who may have access to your hosted systems. West March Systems staff will not access your systems unless under your specific instructions to do so and our staff are registered for data protection and policies.
West March Systems uses a patented solution to give you access to your applications that uses encryption to secure the link between your device and your dedicated solution. Access all your software applications from any office, location, tablet or Smartphone.
West March Systems also ensures that your valuable data and applications are safely backed up on a consistent and regular basis. Because none of your data or applications need to be installed locally your risks are lowered – if your office is broken into and your equipment stolen you won’t lose any data. Replace your equipment and connect to your Application Host and you are back up and running!

We are there to support you!

You don’t have to spend time worrying about networks and computer infrastructure, or what your hardware requirements are – we will do that for you.
Based on your requirements we will set you up with access to your applications and data on a server dedicated to you.
You, or your staff only need a computer or similar device (e.g. tablet) with an internet connection to access your server. Because your device is only providing a screen and input it does not need to be expensive or powerful, enabling you to reduce your costs!

Will my programs work?

Your software programs are hosted on modern industry standard Microsoft Servers, so any software program that will run on standard Servers can be hosted. To ensure that your programs will work, especially if you have bespoke or customised software, we offer a testing service where you can access a copy of your software to ensure that it is functioning as expected.
A large range of industry standard software, such as the Microsoft Office Suite, has been pre-tested as being compatible for hosting. We are also happy to work with your software suppliers to ensure that their software can be hosted.
Generally any software that follows the common standards can be hosted on our Servers.

Your business insurance?

Should the worst happen and your own computer is stolen, destroyed or breaks down, you just need to replace it with a new one and reconnect to your dedicated server.
You are up and running again with a minimum of fuss and without any concerns about the expense of recovering data or important data being lost. You only need to worry about your physical hardware; your data is always safe.
West March Systems will provide you with a dedicated IT environment tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to run the software you require to manage your business.
We will be your IT technicians providing your IT support. That’s one less thing to worry about as you will have a team of our IT professionals on hand, freeing you from the need to do the IT yourself or employing a dedicated IT person.